How to apply for your first dream IT job or work experience opportunity.

Hire MeDespite official reports stating a drop in youth unemployment rate (16-24 year olds) there’s no denying that getting your first job or work experience opportunity can still be a tricky task, especially in a competitive market. So how do you gain that much coveted role in your dream firm?

Here are a few top tips both for your application and you CV to ensure that you get to interview.

What to put in your CV?

–          Put down your work experience

If you saw our last article on what employers look for in an IT professional you’ll know that it’s important that you demonstrate certain experience or skills but…

–          …keep it relevant

Like any job application make sure that the information you provide is appropriate. Even if this is your first full-time IT role you don’t need to put down all of your previous work experience in hopes of padding out your CV.

Similarly, listing all your interests or the dreaded ‘socialising with friends’ line will make your CV come across as generic.

–          The truth!

Any role within IT means you have to demonstrate technical ability and if you’re successful in your application then these skills that you boast of will be put to the test right away. There’s definitely no time for lying in your CV about abilities that you don’t possess.

What to put in your application letter?

–          Keep it short

Many employers admit that they ignore cover letters, making it even more important that you make sure your letter stands out.

Think of two or three key points that sell you as perfect for the role and as an individual. What did you learn at your placement that makes you stand out? Why are you perfect for the company and why do you like it?

Good luck!

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