A job well done and a great experience – insights from our Student Marketing Ambassadors

job well done

You did well girls – thankyou!
We recruit annually at Careers & Employability and we are pleased these new projects have worked well for us, in the Marketing Team and for Allie, Mia and Lowri.  

These opportunities have allowed Allie, Mia and Lowri to develop their skills, gain exposure to employers and gain some valuable work experience, which will help them with their career planning and provide good examples of the key skills employers look for: digital lieracy, communication, interpersonal, team work and more. 

If you haven’t started your career planning or undertaken any work experience I hope this blog will inspire you to do so. 

Allie Lawson – Autumn and Business Fair Marketing Ambassador
“My name is Allie and I have been working alongside the careers marketing team to develop various marketing plans. I’ve been primarily responsible for the Autumn Careers Fair and the Business & Finance Careers Fair and events. My responsibilities have included managing the social media for the Careers pages, both on Facebook and Twitter. Through social media I’ve been promoting events, fairs, and employee led sessions, and have hopefully influenced a number of students to attend these. I’ve also been publicising the careers fairs via putting up posters around campus.

On the event days I’ve been at the fairs doing a number of roles from scanning student IDs to taking exhibitors to their stalls during set-up. I’ve been taking photos of the exhibitors once set up and put them on social media, as I really think it helps inspire more students to come along and meet employers themselves.

I’ve learnt a lot during the process, including interacting with students on a peer level, and more marketing-specific developments such as focusing on targeting students of a particular degree discipline.

I’m really enjoying my time with the marketing team. It looks great on my CV, and as a final year student I know exactly what it feels like to be a student searching for graduate schemes and wanting to find great advice. I feel lucky to be able to direct students towards various guides and help, and after gaining feedback from students I know that it’s really helpful!”

Mia Christophers – Engineering & Science Fair Marketing Ambassador
“Working as a marketing ambassador for Cardiff University Careers & Employability has been a great experience and an exciting way to get involved with the careers team. My main role was to promote the Engineering and Science careers fairs via various platforms. This involved displaying posters and distributing flyers in the relevant university departments, writing blog posts relating to the fairs and using Facebook and Twitter to promote the fairs to students.

The main challenge was trying to connect with the relevant students. In order to do this I looked at different Facebook groups we were in contact with and made connections with relevant subject-based societies. I had a very positive response from most of the societies I was in contact with. I think working with the societies is a great way to maintain correspondence between the careers team and students. If we can maintain connections with certain individuals involved in each society, we can hopefully reach a larger audience. The societies were keen to get involved and, of course, we were pleased to have them on board.

Using Facebook and Twitter to promote the fairs was a central way to reach students. In terms of Twitter, I think this was particularly beneficial in the final run up to the fairs. When I tweeted the night before or on the morning of the fairs various university departments and societies re-tweeted which is extremely helpful. Therefore, I would say a top tip for Twitter is to send out final tweets just before the fairs. In addition, I think getting as many students as possible to follow the careers account is important. Perhaps informing students as they enter the fair about the careers Twitter account and encouraging them to follow it may be a useful strategy.

The fairs themselves seemed to be a great success with lots of students attending. I enjoyed working at the fairs and, in particular, posting on Twitter throughout the fairs. Through interacting with employers and posting photos on Twitter I think it creates a buzzy atmosphere and encourages more students to stop by.

I also enjoyed writing blog posts. I think the blog is a useful tool to connect with students and give information and advice. Perhaps through developing relationships with certain societies we can promote the blog to a larger extent and even get some society members involved in writing posts about their experience of the fair or what they gained from attending the fair.

Overall, I’m grateful for having been given the opportunity to be a marketing ambassador. It has definitely developed my skills in working with social media and it’s been great to work with such a nice team of people.”

Lowri Morgan – Law Fair Student Ambassador
“My overall experience from working with the careers and employability team has been a thoroughly enjoyable and beneficial one. The build-up to the fair consisted of social media updates and broadcasting, and I enjoyed the challenge of targeting people who may not otherwise be the main audience for the Law Fair.

The majority of attendees to the fair seem to have heard about the fair from facebook/twitter or through mails from law careers and lecturers. This seems to be the best strategy to follow for subsequent fairs. I think more could be done with lecture shout outs, as this would be the best way to gain students’ attention.

Prior to the law fair, I got to attend the engineering and technology fair, which give me a helpful insight into how the fairs should run and gave me some ideas for the law fair. This was also a fun day, and gave me the chance to talk to recruiters I would not normally consider!

On the day, the setting up for the fair was exciting and fun, especially walking around with a mass of helium balloons. Also, meeting and greeting the law firms, and other companies that work within the legal sector was a brilliant networking opportunity, as I am interested in working within the law.
I feel that the day was successful, and, through talking to other students since, I think that other students found the day beneficial as well. Even students who were not interested in becoming a solicitor found recruiters to talk to, and were glad that they attended the fair.
The exhibitors’ feedback was also very positive, with all expressing the intention to return next year.

I completely encourage anyone considering an opportunity with the marketing team, it’s a brilliant and fun experience. If you’re interested in a career to do with any of the fairs, events or marketing this is the perfect opportunity! There are opportunities to get involved with all the fairs and the organisation!”

For work experience, careers advice, guidance and information please check out our website, and join our social media networks.  Alternatively, call into the Careers & Employability Centre at 50 Park Place.

Good luck with your work experience plans.

Katrina, Marketing Manager


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