How will an IT work placement help me in the working world?

shutterstock_94006795The IT industry is an exciting place to be right now – not only are IT professionals some of the most in-demand people, especially amongst tech start-ups and smaller businesses, but they’re also at the forefront of modern technology. When starting out in any profession it’s extremely important that you develop skills to add to your CV which will impress future employers, but what exactly are the skills that your future IT employer is looking for?


It goes without saying that to work as an IT professional you’ll have to be highly skilled, whether you’re an IT support technician or a web developer, making sure that you show accuracy in the execution of your job will go a long way for your career. Employers want someone they can rely on. For example, if you’re working in IT support you’ll be expected to have a wide-ranging knowledge to solve various problems or if you’re working as a web designer you’ll have to be able to follow a brief whilst demonstrating a creative flair. 


Gaining work experience, even two weeks’ worth, will expose you to life in an office. Interacting with other people of different ages and being professional in the work place will make future job applications and interviews less daunting.

         Communication & Listening Skills

It’s hard to think of a single profession that doesn’t require at least some sort of communication skills. In IT, your understanding of a technical situation can be vital to a business so it’s important that you understand fully the brief that you’ve been given.

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