Career insight from Natasha Caplan, GO Wales Taster Manager

ImageNatasha Caplan graduated from Huddersfield University in 2004 after studying Hospitality and Events Management, and now works for GO Wales within the Careers & Employability department of Cardiff University.

I am originally from Warrington in the North West and moved to Cardiff 9 years ago for a graduate role as an Events Assistant.  After 4 months I realised that the industry simply wasn’t for me. As well as the unsocial hours and the lack of training/development, I found myself feeling stressed and out of my depth. 

After leaving the company I felt disappointed in myself and scared of what direction I was going to take my career. I was also extremely worried as I’d just spent three years studying the wrong subject. In an attempt to gain temporary work until I could find the ‘perfect role’ I spoke to a recruitment consultant. During my registration I asked, what the role of a recruitment consultant consists of, and as she told me her day to day duties I found myself feeling inspired. I asked if they gave graduates trainee roles and it just so happened they had a position coming up and an interview was organised. Thankfully I was successful and I spent three years with that company and gained fantastic training. This installed my belief that companies who train their staff get the best out of their staff. I won several awards which financially opened up opportunities for me to set up my own business.

Although I enjoyed elements of recruitment, I decided that it was time for a change. After some research I realised that colleges and universities have departments based around careers and I believed this would allow me to focus on the areas of recruitment I enjoyed most. My first role within higher education was based around commercial training, an area I strongly believe in. After spending 2.5 years within training, an opportunity for a Taster Manager at Cardiff University became available. One month into the role I absolutely love it and I feel I have now ended up in an area I truly feel passionate about.

If I’d had the opportunity to gain work experience within events management I would have perhaps realised the industry wasn’t for me! The Work Tasters that GO Wales offer allows students and graduates to sample an industry, helping them make informed decisions towards their career path.

Make the best start to your career with GO Wales – paid work placements, work experience, jobs and training.

Get further help and support from the Careers & Employability Work Experience Team.


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