I went, I met, I chatted, but what do I do after a Careers Fair?

whatSo you attended a Careers Fair this autumn – we had lots to choose from Autumn, Business, Engineering & Technology, Law and Science.

Now here are some tips on what you could do next …
1. Keep the brochures from the recruiters you spoke to and make a quick note of their contact details and your conversations. This will help you to refresh your memory should you choose to apply to the organisation.

2. Check Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for social media accounts for the organisations you are intrested in. Follow, like or join these to keep up-to-date with what’s happening with the organisation and their recruitment teams.  This will give you greater knowledge of the organisation that you can use throughout the recruitment process.

3. Recruiters will run other events at the University this autumn and next spring/summer. Maintain contact with those you are keen on check for any other events, via their corporate or graduate recruitment social media accounts and  websites, as well as the Careers & Employability website, facebook, twitter and blog. You will find sessions run by employers and Careers & Employability on applications, interviews, psychometric testing, assessment centres and interviews, all of these will help you improve your chances of success in the recruitment process. Login to your Careers Account for the latest event listings.

4. For those recruiters you were really impressed by you could send an email thanking them for attending the careers fair and speaking to you. Remember tho, recruiters are attending career fairs across the Uk and meeting thousands of students. Get in quick with an email and they are more likely to remember you and your conversation. Your email should be professional, you are approaching a potential employer and not sending a text message, so be selective with the language you use. If the recruiter gave you some next steps – apply online, research a different division of the company, contact another recruiter, etc. make sure that you give them an update on your progress. This will demonstrate that you are still interested in their organisation and are serious about your job search.

5. Whether you’re emailing, tweeting or coming face-to face again, whatever your interaction make sure you are enthusiastic, make it obvious that you want to work for their organisation and why, without going over the top.

6. If you do make contact and don’t get a response don’t be put-off, recruiters are very busy and in contact with many students and graduates so may not be able to respond to everyone, it’s not personal.

For further careers support and events please check the website, log in to Career Central for online resources, or drop into 50 Park Place.

 Good luck

Katrina, Marketing Manager.



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