Science Students – It’s Over to You



Mary Smith from Cardiff School of Bioscience offers some guidance for Wednesday’s Fair …

So we’ve done our bit and lined up 20 potential employers for you to speak to at the Science Fair on 6 November 10.30 – 2.30pm in the VJ Gallery, Main Building. So. it’s over to you …

… What we now need is for you is to come along!  Now that may sound rather obvious but it’s amazing how many students simply don’t bother and waste this fantastic opportunity to find employers who you might not otherwise be able to get access too.  All years are welcome.

To get over that awkwardness of introducing yourself and to get the best out of the Fair here are some *top tips for you* 

* Find out which employers are attending: .  Do some online research on them and pick five to target before you go.

* Know your opening lines:
“Excuse me; I would like to find out a bit more about your business?”
“Hi, my name is…..can you tell me about what you do?”
“Hello, I’m a Bioscience/Chemistry undergraduate…is that a degree I could use in your organisation?”
“Hi, can you tell me what type of roles you have for graduates in your organisation?

* Consider Questions you can ask:
“What skills and characteristics do you look for in applicants?”
“What is the workplace like?”
“Are there opportunities for development or to take further qualifications?”
“Do you expect applicants to have had work experience before they apply?”
“Do you provide work experience opportunities?”
“How do you advertise your vacancies?”
“Can you tell me what the selection procedure is like?”
“Have you any information I can take away?”

* Keep open-minded and once you’ve built up your confidence by talking to your top five then visit the other exhibitors who you are not so familiar with.  You may be surprised what other career options you discover.

* Follow your favourites from the Fair on Facebook or Twitter, so you’ll be the first to know when vacancies arise and have inside knowledge about their business.

That’s it then.  It’s time now to take full advantage, * get the fair in your diary and * don’t put it off thinking you’ll look into careers next year or when you have graduated!

See you there.

Mary Smith
Employability Advisor, Cardiff School of Biosciences


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