Your 6-step guide to getting the most from the Science Fair


It’s the Science Careers Fair on Wednesday and this is a great opportunity for all science students. To get the most out of the event it’s best to be prepared, so here are 6 steps to success at the Science Fair!

Step 1Check out the full list of exhibitors attending the fair before you go. This year there’s a great line up including GE Healthcare, IAESTE British Council and Pall Corporation to name just a few! Have a browse on their websites and see which companies you are interested in talking to. 

Step 2Once you have found a few companies that interest you, have a look at what opportunities and schemes they offer. Remember: many companies are looking for students from a range of degrees, so don’t be put off by what you think companies may be looking for.

Step 3After seeing what certain companies’ offer, think of some questions you might like to ask. It’s a great opportunity to talk face to face with employers and get a bit more information. Some good questions might be:

–       How many applicants do you employ on a particular scheme?
–       Does this job involve moving round different areas of the business?
–       What does the application process involve?

Step 4 Now that you’ve done a bit of background research, actually going to the fair is the easy part! Make sure you are confident and sociable with recruiters; talking to them can give you a great insight into the company.

Step 5 There will be loads of resources available at the fair. Make sure you take a leaflet from companies that interest you and pick up some of the careers advice booklets. This will give you a chance to reflect on all the information you’ve be given at a later date.

Step 6Pay attention to all the dates of when application processes begin and end. These sometimes creep up on you so if you make a note of them on the day, you’ll be sure not to miss them. Don’t forget, if you want any help or guidance after the event you can always pop in for some career advice and guidance at Park Place.

The Science Careers Fair is Wednesday 6th November, 11am – 3pm, VJ Gallery, Main Building.

Good luck!
Mia, Student Ambassador 


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