Don’t Panic! Career insight from Cardiff graduate Angharad

cred Jim Linwood

cred Jim Linwood

Angharad Brown graduated from Cardiff University in 2007, and now works for the GO Wales team within the Careers & Employability department of Cardiff University.

Nine years ago I arrived in Cardiff, ready and raring to start my degree in Journalism. Although I was excited to meet my flatmates, I was ridiculously nervous and already feeling a bit homesick. The first few weeks are a blur of late nights and running around the university trying to find my lectures.


Towards the end of my first year I realised that my heart wasn’t quite into the degree I’d chosen, but thanks to the staff at Cardiff University they helped me change my course without any disruption to my studies. At the time this felt like a huge set back as from a career point of view, I’d always wanted to be a journalist and I wondered whether a degree in English Literature would provide me with the same opportunities and prospects.

In May 2007 when my final coursework essays had been handed in, panic set in. I had no idea what I was going to do, where I was going to work and how I’d be able to afford the house I’d just agreed to rent for another year. On the advice of my tutor, I made an appointment with Careers & Employability here at Cardiff University, and spent time on my CV, researching different aspects of the media and any local companies I could contact for work experience/employment. After a week of sending my CV and cover letter to several different publishing houses I finally had an interview. Although it wasn’t a role I wanted, I decided it’d be an excellent way to get my foot in the door. And that’s exactly what happened. Three months into the job I applied for a role through GO Wales with a local magazine that I’d read since I moved to Cardiff, and much to my surprise and delight, they took me on.

During my time at the magazine I’d decided that the media industry wasn’t for me. Although the role perfectly satisfied my love of meeting people, it wasn’t enough and I longed for something more. So here I am, Placements Officer for GO Wales in Cardiff University. Three months into the role and I absolutely love it. I’m working in the same building that I once had my CV and career consultation and I’m enjoying helping students and graduates gain work experience and employment.

Make the best start to your career with GO Wales – paid work placements, work experience, jobs and training.

Get further help and support from the Careers & Employability Work Experience Team.


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