LMI- Your Passport…

Economic Development Manager for GO Wales, Annie Jones talks about your Passport to LMI (Labour Market Information).


If you’re graduating soon and are thinking about your career prospects in Wales, start your journey with ‘Your Passport to LMI’.  Bringing together the most current sources of labour market information in small digestible chunks, Your Passport to LMI is a great place to research your areas of interest and find out what Wales can offer you.

It may have the answers to useful questions such as:

What are the growth sectors within the Welsh Economy?

What are my prospects as a graduate in Wales, in 2013?

What kind of salary am I predicted to earn?

Where do other graduates go?

What kind of experience do I need for the career I’m interested in?

Who are the fastest growing companies in Wales?

What kind of jobs will be available to me when I leave Higher Education?

Which companies are investing in Wales and recruiting soon?

Does the supply of graduates fit the demand in my sector?

Updated every quarter, access ‘Your Passport to LMI’ today via the GO Wales Graduate Jobs Homepage here.

Or you can access the source LMI website here



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