The path to the Summer Careers Fair and beyond

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Amit, Summer Fair 2013 Student Ambassador shares his story ‘The path to the Summer Careers Fair and Beyond’ …

Firstly, I would like to thank Katrina and Saffron for giving me this exciting opportunity to develop the online social media campaign for the 2013 Summer Careers Fair as Student Ambassador.

The 2013 Summer Careers Fair was a great opportunity for students to meet potential recruiters from a variety of industries. With an ever-challenging recruitment market and over 200,000 students graduating ever year the careers fair was a great way to get a head start. Students had a brilliant opportunity to gain advice and tips from leading recruiters like Ernst & Young as well as Procter & Gamble and Huawei. This was great chance to network with current graduates employed by the firms in different industries such as accountancy, engineering as well as the public sector. Getting advice on how to stand out from the crowd is invaluable. However, if you weren’t able to attend the Careers Fair you can always visit Careers & Employability at 50 Park Place to research or book a careers appointment. There are also great online resources on the careers website.


We also held numerous workshops at the Fair, on CVs as well as postgraduate and volunteering opportunities. Again, if you weren’t able to attend any of the workshops, please feel free to book a careers appointment online.

Over the past several weeks I have also posted a series of blogs on how to utilize social media networks in particular Twitter and LinkedIn for recruiting. These blogs can also be found on our WordPress blog and Facebook Page for further reference.

Overall, the Summer Careers Fair was well received by both student and employers who liked out use of social media for engagement throughout the event. We displayed posters throughout the university promoting the event as well as putting balloons around the campus! The day was thoroughly enjoyable and pleasure to be involved in!

As some one who wants to work in technology and online marketing this opportunity has helped to develop my skills. I have learned how to manage and develop online campaigns via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to effectively engage with the intended audience. The experience gained will be invaluable in hopefully developing a long and successful career in the area of online marketing.

I’m now looking forward to further developing the online strategy of Careers & Employability and will within the next couple of weeks launch the Careers and Employability’s LinkedIn page as well as write several blogs on how to utilise the website.

We’ll also be busy planning for the Autumn Fair on 15th October 2013 and look forward to seeing you all there!

Hope you all have and enjoyable summer and good luck with all future endeavors!



For any support and advice please feel free to contact the Careers & Employability Centre at 50 Park Place during the summer. Or feel free to visit Career Central resource online!


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